Customer Care

Our Support Doesn’t End When You Leave the Sales Yard

In fact, we’ve only just begun. Once you become a Searle’s RV customer, you know you will always have access to support regardless of where you may be at the time. We are only ever a phone call away.

We have won many awards for our customer service, but more importantly when people say our name around the campfires of Australia, we make sure they only have great stories to share.





Our Unique ‘Hand Over’ Day Experience

The day has arrived to collect your new RV. It’s a time of new possibilities and adventures to be had. We want to make sure we have everything covered and you are 100% confident driving and enjoying your new RV.

In our experience, Friday morning is the best time to do the hand over to ensure there is enough time to familiarise you with the vehicle before you drive away.

We run through everything, inside and out, at your pace until you are comfortable. If it’s a caravan, we get you hooked up and ready to go. If you have bought a motorhome, our orientation includes a practise drive to help you overcome any nerves.

If you have time, Searle’s RV Centre will provide two nights by the beach at the scenic Bargara Beach Caravan Park. This gives you a couple of days to relax and get to know your new RV knowing that we are close by if you need help with anything.

Then, it’s time to let the adventures begin!

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