Searle’s RV Centre are proud sponsors of Bundaberg’s drivers College.

Drivers College Bundaberg is a specifically designed driver education complex. It is a not for profit organisation and without the hard work and commitment of those driving it, it would not be possible. Their mission is to “save lives on our roads through early intervention education”.

The complex has a road network which includes sealed and dirt roads, water pits, roundabouts, parking bays and now features a brake test zone. They have a portable trailer with a car fitted on it’s top and resting on rollers which will be going around to schools to give future drivers the feel of accelerating and braking.

As well as those looking for their first time experience behind the wheel they have a range of course including caravan towing education and soon to be released motor home confidence course.

visit their Facebook or website simply search drivers College Bundaberg. Ph 07-41811773